How to Choose An Effective Fleas And Lice Treatment Product

Fleas and lice are a common parasite among dogs. They bite on the dog as they suck blood impairing their skin integrity. They parasites are vectors too and they transmit diseases. There are many players in the pet industry that purport that their product is the best to deal with lice and fleas. They also use some technical jargon that might leave you more confused compared to before you began the search for a good product to deal with fleas and ticks in your pet. To avoid this confusion and also make sure that you get the best product we have compiled a list of tips to help you in the shopping experience.

How the product works

A good product not only kills the adult fleas and lice but it also hinders them from breeding. Some products only act on certain stages of development of the parasites like the adult stage only thus leaving you with the hustle of looking of looking for another product to eliminate the other stages. Choose a treatment that kills all the parasites in the four stages – eggs, larvae, pupae and even the adult. Such a product destroys the cycle of development and keeps your pest free of the parasites that might hatch in the future or at a pre-adult stage of development.

How frequent do you need to apply the treatment?

Some treatments need to be applied for a couple of days each month or week whereas others need to just be applied once monthly. A product which you only need to apply once a month is a good choice since it will save you a lot of time. The good thing is that the potency of the treatment lasts for the next thirty days without any need for reapplication. This means you spend less time dealing with lice and fleas and more time having fun with your pet.

Is the treatment water resistant?
It is hard to prevent dogs from playing with water therefore even after applying the treatment you will still have a hard time keeping them away from water. The best thing would be to select a flea and lice treatment product that is water resistant so that you do not have to worry anytime your dog decides to play with water.

How safe is the product?
You need to inquire about what the appropriate age for application to dogs. Some of the treatments can be used for dogs as young as two months whereas for some products the right age is at least a year old. The best thing would be to choose a treatment that can be used by your puppy when they are still young so as to prevent the issues that fleas and lice bring. The tips above will help you get a good pet treatment product to rid your dog of lice and fleas.

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